A working mom is asked if you could end the chaos if you would be ready for it from Shayla King, life coach for women, who is offering a new course for working moms to end the overwhelm

Why working moms suffer with overwhelm and it feels like there is no way out of mom-guilt and gender bias at work

Hey Working Moms, I see you! 🦸‍♀️

So you don’t love your life. But you haven’t changed it. This may be why…

Every project feels like a do-or-die moment. Every presentation feels like a career-defining opportunity. You fear that if you don’t volunteer for extra tasks, if you don’t nail every single one, if you dare to leave early or set boundaries, you’ll be marked as “not dedicated enough.” You’ll lose out on that promotion, be passed up, labeled as “not quite there.”

But hang on, working warrior! That relentless pursuit of perfection? It’s a never-ending cycle, and it’s time to break free. It’s time to know that you can be highly successful without burning the midnight oil and putting everything else on hold.

What if I told you there’s a way to still climb higher without the fear of losing out? A way to work smarter, not harder, and still make a fantastic impression on your bosses?

I’ve done it, and I’m living proof that it can be done without sacrificing your sanity or family time. I want to teach you how to leverage your existing strengths and be more efficient so you can have more sleep, more joy, more LIFE, and yes, more success at work.

Ready to redefine your A-game?

Join us in Stop the Chaos, a new course for working moms to end the overwhelm.

It’s a unique opportunity to receive group coaching with me and a proven framework to clear the clutter in your home, your schedule, and your mind.

Each week we will meet as a group and I will take you through one module and then open the call for coaching. You can share your individual situation to get personalized advice or listen and learn from other moms in the same position.

In just one month, you will feel like the weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you are able to come up for air and remember just who you are. It’s ok you just forgot for a minute that you are a bad ass, ambitious woman who loves her family, has so much to offer the world, and deserves to have fun and live her best life.

Join us now; registration closes soon.

Email me at Shayla@evolve-career.com if you have any questions.

Your coach, cheerleader, and accountability partner,


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