A single corporate mom from Kansas who wanted more. 
I obsessively studied what makes some leaders more successful than others, and some people happier and more fulfilled than others.

I used that knowledge to transform from 
a waitress at IHOP to a C-Suite Executive by 40 without sacrificing fun and family time.

Now, I coach female executives to get what they want out of their career, family, and life

I'll teach you how to work less, make more, and design a life you love!

I'm Shayla

Hey there!

Picture this: A Kansas gal climbing the corporate ladder, two young kids, two dogs, a husband, and adulting galore. As a corporate coach in the making, I was engrossed in studying leadership, curious about why some leaders outshone others. Yet every investment in my career felt like time stolen from my children. Work demanded more hours to vie with the guys for those high-stake projects and roles, so I complied. The world, and my own mind, were convinced I wasn't mom enough, so I dedicated more time to home. I saw less of my bed, more of my office. Then I started doing extra for my spouse, and less for myself. I ended up running myself so ragged that I was hit with chronic autoimmune diseases—pain, fatigue, gut issues, even waking up one day with a paralyzed arm.

Then divorce happened. My ex moved out of state for work, and I was suddenly a single mom, juggling health woes and work-life balance. A year later, a job offer from Chicago presented an opportunity for change. Despite not knowing anyone in my new city, and facing the challenge of raising my girls alone while leading a global business, I felt a sense of relief—I was finally free to design the life I wanted, to raise my girls in an empowering environment and become the role model they needed.

I began exploring how some people managed to be happier in their personal lives. I dove into Essentialism (the disciplined pursuit of less), worked on my mindset, and hit rock bottom before realizing there had to be a better way. As a life coach for women, I embarked on a quest for a solution that allowed for success, motherhood, and a fulfilling life. I started implementing changes, bit by bit, and saw progress—I was working less, earning more, saying no guilt-free, and creating fun-filled weekends with my children. Now, I have a thriving corporate career, a deep connection with my kids, and am free from overwhelm and guilt.

Now, as a woman life coach and a life coach for moms, my passion is to help other working moms create a life they can't help but love—a life where dreams are attainable without sacrificing family, faith, fun, and friends.

I learned the hard way, but I can help you avoid the same pitfalls. Before you lose another year to stress and dissatisfaction, join me on this journey.

Let's evolve together!
With love, Shayla"

I refused to believe that women could only be successful in either my home or my work life.

I knew there had to be a way to be successful and be a great mom, partner, and friend without feeling constantly overwhelmed and burnt out.

My passion has always been helping women see and achieve their potential.

To serve women I joined the board and then served as President for Dress for Success.

I cofounded Intentional Living.

I started a Lean In circle at my company that went global with over 1,600 participants.  

why i am here

My Story

I'm here to teach working moms the system that will let you work less, make more, and end the overwhelm.

Training programs and Executive life coaching for female leaders to achieve their professional goals, improve their relationships, and design a life they love. 

You are four weeks away from ending the overwhelm so you can design a life you love. 

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Fun facts!

My favorite weekend spot

a local winery with food trucks and pickleball with family and friends

a hobby that i love

Hot Yoga - the crazy hot, fast, and athletic type

my go-to vacation getaway

The beach! Whale spotting is my secret talent. 

things I enjoy




words to live by

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."
 -Henry Ford

You feel unsettled because you know there is more to life.  It's time to stop playing small. You were meant for more. And you can show your kids and friends that its possible to love your personal and professional life. That stress, overwhelm, guilt, and good enough doesn't have to lead your life. You are in charge. You are a bad ass. Sign up today, let's make this happen. 

You don't have to settle for a good enough life. 

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