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Nikki Beyrle

"Shayla's Guide gave me such a simple process to follow to clean up my mornings. I can't believe I let myself struggle for years. I love how she makes everything simple and actionable. Now I feel ready to own my day!"

How to get promoted in corporate 

Organization Assessment: Uncover what is valued and gets promoted at your organization. And confirm that is where you want to be.

Personal Assessment: Understand your strengths, when they add value, and when you can over use them. Determine where there is opportunity to bridge a gap in your performance, image, or exposure.

Plan: Create the plan to be prepared for promotion.

Are you ready to make more money, take on more responsibility and advance your career?

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Don't leave it to chance, I will share with you the specific process you can follow to make sure you are prepared for promotion.  

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