I help leaders who Don't want to settle for a "good enough" life. 

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Trust me, you are not alone.
And although it seems exhausting or impossible,
 I can teach you how to make more, improve your relationships, and design a life you love!

Do you ever feel like life was supposed to be different?
Feel like you are settling or should be grateful for a good enough life?
Does it feel like a struggle to keep up with the day to day much less achieve your dreams?

Career: I went from an IHOP waitress in Kansas, to a C-Suite Executive by the age of 40. I love teaching you how you can make more money and go further and faster than you dreamed possible. 
Intentional Living: While working my way up at some of the largest companies in America I was a single mom suffering from autoimmune diseases out of necessity I had to learn how to keep my corporate job but work less and reduce my commitments outside of work. I learned to say no, work way less hours while continuing to make more and more money and have more and more time with my kids, family, and friends.
Mindset and Life Coaching: I love teaching clients how to end negative thoughts, lose the mom guilt and overwhelm, improve their relationships, and build resilience, and confidence!

I'm a career & life coach who can get you results:

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Hi! I'm Shayla

Lisa Phengsy Lee 

I admire Shayla's work life balance because she is truly a super mom and leader but does it so effortlessly. She is the proof it is possible!

Shayla encourages and empowers you to be the best version of yourself. She is tenacious, passionate and an inspiration. Being around her positive attitude gives people the confidence that anything worth doing is possible with grit, determination and perseverance.

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You don't have to settle. You can be wildly successful and love your home life and relationships. I have a proven system that will allow you to accomplish your dreams, improve your relationships, have the energy you need to live your version of your best life. Life is short, let's get started today!

let's change that.

Hey friend, do you feel like you are settling with either work or home life being mediocre?

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