Stop the Chaos 

Learn with other moms who get it. They feel like they are barely hanging on, but they know there has to be a better way. 

Learn why so many women feel like you.  Why it is rare to find a working mom without guilt who feels like she is rocking parenting, her career, and feels like her life is light and happy.

Uncover the mindset and skillset changes that will help you stop the chaos and feel like you have luxurious amounts of time for the things that matter to you. 

A course for working moms to end the overwhelm

Your life is overwhelming; the course won't be. In one quick month you will learn ways to clear the clutter from your schedule, your home, and your mind. Freeing yourself from guilt, and giving you more time to spend your time on the things you want most. 

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I coach Corporate Moms
to Climb the Ladder
without the Chaos.

Executive Life Coach

Shayla King

My free guide to help working moms end the overwhelm and guilt and take control of your schedule. 

9 Things you can STOP DOING right now

want a jumpstart?

Trust me, you are not alone.
And although it seems exhausting or impossible,
 I can teach you how to make more, improve your relationships, and design a life you love!

Do you ever feel like life was supposed to be different?
Feel like you are settling or should be grateful for a good enough life?
Does it feel like a struggle to keep up with the day to day much less achieve your dreams?

Gladys Williams

"As a working mom, who has held several leadership positions in the mental health field, I can’t stress enough how essential programs like Shayla’s are!

Shayla takes the time to do the research as well as use experiences that really help people from all walks of life- connect & evolve! Her ability to adapt in any situation and make the most of it is truly inspiring. What makes it even better is Shayla is always willing to share her knowledge & never stops learning!!!


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How did this working mom become an executive life coach?

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From IHOP waitress to C-Suite Executive by 40
My corporate coaching career spans 20 years training leaders and advocating for women's financial independence. Now, as a life coach for women and work moms, I'm on a mission to help more women fast-track their promotions and earnings.

As a single mom with autoimmune diseases, I mastered the art of working less, earning more, and carving out time for what matters most—my kids, family, and friends.

In my role as a woman life coach, I'm driven to help clients squash negativity, dream bigger, shed mom-guilt, enhance relationships, and boost resilience and confidence!

Let me be your guide in the journey of mom coaching for a fuller life.

I'm a career & life coach who gets working moms results:

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Hi! I'm Shayla

Lisa Phengsy Lee 

I admire Shayla's work life balance because she is truly a super mom and leader but does it so effortlessly. She is the proof it is possible!

Shayla encourages and empowers you to be the best version of yourself. She is tenacious, passionate and an inspiration. Being around her positive attitude gives people the confidence that anything worth doing is possible with grit, determination and perseverance.

Nikki Johnson-Beyrle

Today I am a C-Suite executive for an entrepreneurial company and I know that Shayla’s influence and coaching helped guide me to where I am today and in the future.

Shayla is one in a million! We have spent countless hours talking about living with our own Intention and have had the joy of partnering on projects with her through the years- including Intentional Living: Designing the Life You Want.

Bianca Barbara

Shayla is one of the most motivational speakers I’ve seen! She truly cares about other women by supporting and motivating them.

She has personally mentored me 1:1 and has helped me improved in my work skill-set, presenting in meetings and helping me feel comfortable when talking about the not so easy topics. I really appreciate the take-aways she’s provided me with and I’m more confident at work and in my personal life because of her!

Megan 'Mitchell' Dresie

Shayla reminds me of my why and my dreams and helps me navigate the challenge to make the best decision for me.

I’ve known Shayla for over ten years, and have been part of her Intentional Living programs and 1:1 coaching. What I love about Shayla is that she will always have the tough love conversations that force you to make decisions when you are stuck in analysis paralysis.

Jenna Wilder BottolfseN

Shayla truly wants everyone to reach their potential and live their best life so she makes sure her clients get real results.

Shayla has had the unique experience of working with leaders across multiple industries. She has studied what makes some people more successful than others and when you work with her, you benefit from that experience to rapidly improve your skill-set.

Mary Pfister

Shayla is a mountain mover. She is fierce in her pursuit for equality, with an unwavering focus on others.

I’m in awe of both her ability and willingness to put others first – to coach them, encourage them, support them, and open her heart to them. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with her on Lean In and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

what they're saying

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You don't have to settle. As a corporate mom, you can be wildly successful and love your home life and relationships.  As a life coach for women, I have a proven system that will allow working moms to accomplish your dreams, improve your relationships, have the energy you need to live your best life. Life is short, let's get started today!

let's change that.

Hey momma, do you feel like you are settling with either work or home life being mediocre?

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