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Why I’ve Given Up Playing Dolls with My Kids, and How Ditching Mom Guilt Made Me a Better Mom

“I Hate Playing Dolls with My Kids. And That’s Okay. What’s Your ‘Happy Mom’ Secret?” 🌟

Let’s Bust Some Myths
Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Moms don’t have to love every single part of parenting. There, I said it.

Rockstar Mom in My Zone
Now, when my schedule isn’t tighter than my pre-kid jeans, I’m like a rockstar mom. 🎸 I shine in my business, enjoy time with my husband as if we’re still in the dating phase, and share laughs with friends that would make any episode of ‘Friends’ jealous.

What Makes Me Tick
So what is it that lights me up as a mom? Car talks that could rival TED Talks, dinners where my kids and their friends spontaneously solve world peace—you get the gist. I’m your cheerleader-in-chief at their home games and the honorary fifth member of their friend group.

The Stuff I Don’t Do
Here comes the ‘but.’ Don’t ask me to head the PTA bake sale, to drive hundreds of miles for sports tournaments, or yeah, to play dolls. Just not my jam, folks.

The Weight of Mom Guilt
Hold on, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: mom guilt. This sneaky devil can make us feel obligated to do all the things we think we’re “supposed to do.” It’s like a nagging voice in your ear, telling you to sign up for the bake sale, even when you hate baking. Over time, this can lead to the kind of burnout that makes everyone miserable.

Your Choice, Your Balance
Let’s normalize that it’s perfectly okay to pick and choose what mom activities light us up. When you do what you genuinely love, you’re not just bettering your mom game. You’re setting an example for your kids about what a balanced, happy life can look like.

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Time for You to Weigh In
So, spill the beans! What are your ‘happy mom’ activities, and what are the things you’d rather not do or outsource to someone else? Let’s drop the guilt, get real, and cheer each other on. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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