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The course for working moms to  lose the mom guilt & end the overwhelm

Stop the chaos

to lose the mom guilt

to feel in control of their schedule and life with more hours for the things they want to do

to know its possible to focus on a promotion or big goal because they have the toolkit to blend work and life beautifully

This course is for working moms who want...

to get better at saying no unapologetically

to feel in the moment when they are with their kids and spouse

feel calm and relaxed in their home

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Today I am a C-Suite executive for an entrepreneurial company and I know that Shayla’s influence and coaching helped guide me to where I am today and in the future.

Shayla is one in a million! Shayla's 1:1 coaching helps you see subtle ways you are slowing down your own progress, improves decision making, and helps you focus on designing and sustaining a life you want at work and at home. 


what they're saying

  • I don't have any idea what I want because I can't come up for air, I feel like I'm drowning; 
  • I'm busy all the time, barely hanging on, never catching up, I don't have time to eat and barely have time to go to the bathroom. 
  • My health is starting to suffer. I'm fatigued all the time and my blood work is bad. 
  • I'm stuck in the middle and getting overlooked for promotions and pay raises 
  • I just don't get how everyone works and is a parent, doesn't everyone need at least one spouse to handle all the things? I don't know how to keep going like this.
  • I feel guilty all the time. When I miss a program at school AND when I leave early for a game. I feel mom guilt and feel bad about leaving work like everyone is judging me. 
  • I'm so overwhelmed and behind that to-do lists are always running through my head so I struggle to be in the moment with my kids or spouse.
  • I'm barely hanging on so I don't know how I could ever move up in the organization. 
  • I don't remember who I am anymore. I'm always someone to someone else. I don't even know what I want and the idea of "finding joy" seems like a huge joke. 
  • my home is messy, my car is messy, my mind is messy. My schedule is ridiculous, everything feels chaotic, unorganized, out of control, and very overwhelming.

Who is this course for?

I created this course for moms who told me 

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Join the waitlist

Join the waitlist

Chasing the American Dream left me burnt out and exhausted.  On paper it looked perfect, but in reality it was anything but. 

I ended up running myself so ragged that I was hit with chronic autoimmune diseases—pain, fatigue, gut issues, even waking up one day with a paralyzed arm.

Newly a single mom, I knew this lifestyle couldn't continue.  I had to be there for my girls and I craved a life where I could be an example that you can achieve your career dreams, be an amazing involved parent, and enjoy a life that didn't feel chaotic. There had to be a better way, but finding resources from fellow female executives? Non existent.

So I studied everything, tried everything and finally cracked the code myself. I developed a framework that allowed me to get promoted to the C-Suite, manage my health, be a great mom, and love life—all at the same time.

Now, I've packed all those secrets into "Stop the Chaos." This course is for working moms who want to reclaim control, joy, and time. 

Shayla King

Chief People Officer
turned Life Coach

what to expect

Course Outline

The one you have been waiting for! This module will teach you how to identify what on your calendar adds value, and how to delegate, shorten, or delete tasks.  You will end up with luxurious amounts of times to get things done, and downtime between. 

Our physical space can either stress us out or bring us peace. You will identify key areas of your space that cause you angst and we will rework them to clear the clutter. Whether it's your drop zone, office, closet, or car, we will attack a space to bring you function and peace. 

As women, we often own the planning and worrying for a family. In this module you will learn to recognize your thoughts and turn off the ones that aren't serving you. You will also learn to 'think like a dad' to simplify communications and processes so you can truly relax. 

Your life is complicated, the course isn't.

Check out the three simple and highly effective modules included in your program. 

Course Enrollment Sept 15th-25th 

"Shayla is the example of how you can have an extraordinary career, be an amazing mom, and love you life.

- Jenna B., Founder / CEO

student love

What Students are saying...

Stop the Chaos Course broke things down into the simplest concepts. I was able to change a few thoughts and actions that immediately gave me relief and let me take back control of my life.
My recommendation for all working moms is to buy it and buy it now.
As she promises, you can end the overwhelm. 

A mom from Kansas who wanted more.

I desperately wanted to prove myself so I threw myself full force at school, work, and parenting until on paper I had achieved the American Dream.

I quickly realized it wasn't so fun. I was sick, overwhelmed, and as a newly single mom I knew that continuing to push myself to work around the clock was not going to be sustainable, so I looked for a better way. 
I obsessively studied what makes some leaders more successful than others, and some people happier and more fulfilled than others.  I found out it had nothing to do with how many hours they put in. 

I used that knowledge to transform from 
a waitress at IHOP to a C-Suite Executive by 40 without sacrificing fun and family time.

Now, I coach female executives to get what they want out of their career, family, and life

I'll teach you how to STOP THE CHAOS so you can 
work less, make more, and design a life you love!

I'm Shayla

Hey there!

Women are often expected to not only do more at home but to own the majority of the planning and decision making. After a full days work it can be exhausting to run kids to activities, try to make a healthy dinner, finish up urgent work emails, pick up the house, try to fit a workout in somewhere, and call your parents, while doing laundry, and feeding the dog.

It feels like it's never ending and like you don't have a lot of choice in the matter. But there is a better way. And it's not just a new productivity hack. 

It's a blend of mindset work, decision making, and confidence to say no.  Learning to discern what balls can drop and which you never want to pick up again. This course will teach you how to know, decide, and design a home and schedule that works for you. It's time to end the chaos so you can be back in the drivers seat of your life. 

You don't have to do it all. there is a better way.

Did You Know It Is Possible To Have A High Paying Career, Be A Great Involved Parent, And Love Your Life? 

In this four week program, you will get to slow down and evaluate your life.
I will teach you to uncover the things that are driving the most chaos and stress in your physical space, your schedule, and your mind. 
We will discuss the what and why behind your overwhelm and you will learn specific tools to help you evaluate and say no to things that aren't serving you. You will to simplify your life with less things, meetings, and decisions.
In just one month you will have removed something from each category of your life.
You will feel lighter and more in control. As you delete things, you will have more freedom for the things you do want. More time to achieve your goals, spend time with your family and relax by yourself. 

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Sounds good, how does it actually work?

Want to know the process details?

The Deets
  • Each week we will meet and review that week's module. You will receive worksheets to go along with each module. 
  • No prep work is necessary before attending the live calls. I've taken out all of the fluff, we will jump in to the key mindset and skillset tips to transform your life. You will have a chance to ask for coaching on your specific situation.
  • The related worksheets (Evolve Work) will provide you immediate relief.  
  • By the end of the program, you will have cleared a major area of chaos in your physical space, your schedule, and your mind. 
  • And you will have learned the skills to continue the process for the rest of your life. So you can delete out everything not serving you and make room for the things that light you up.
  • The course is $1,295. 
  • You will be able to watch and rewatch the content available in your online portal. 

Lisa Phengsy Lee 

I admire Shayla's work life balance because she is truly a super mom and leader but does it so effortlessly. She is the proof it is possible!

Shayla encourages and empowers you to be the best version of yourself. She is tenacious, passionate and an inspiration. Being around her positive attitude gives people the confidence that anything worth doing is possible with grit, determination and perseverance.

Gladys Williams

As a leader in the mental health field I can attest that Shayla and her programs are crucial for leaders wanting to improve their balance and happiness. 

The mindset and skillset tools she teaches and the way she lovingly, but directly calls you out gives you feedback that helps expedite your growth. She makes leaders extraordinarily successful and happy. 

Bianca Barbara

Shayla is one of the most motivational speakers I’ve seen! She truly cares about other women by supporting and motivating them.

She has personally mentored me 1:1 and has helped me improved in my work skill-set, presenting in meetings and helping me feel comfortable when talking about the not so easy topics. I really appreciate the take-aways she’s provided me with and I’m more confident at work and in my personal life because of her!

Megan 'Mitchell' Dresie

Shayla reminds me of my why and my dreams and helps me navigate the challenge to make the best decision for me.

I’ve known Shayla for over ten years, and have been part of her Intentional Living programs and 1:1 coaching. What I love about Shayla is that she will always have the tough love conversations that force you to make decisions when you are stuck in analysis paralysis.

Jenna Wilder BottolfseN

Shayla truly wants everyone to reach their potential and live their best life so she makes sure her clients get real results.

Shayla has had the unique experience of working with leaders across multiple industries. She has studied what makes some people more successful than others and when you work with her, you benefit from that experience to rapidly improve your skill-set.

Mary Pfister

Shayla is a mountain mover. She is fierce in her pursuit for equality, with an unwavering focus on others.

I’m in awe of both her ability and willingness to put others first – to coach them, encourage them, support them, and open her heart to them. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with her on Lean In and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

what they're saying

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