Shayla King, started Evolve after 20 years leading leadership training and coaching for some of the largest companies in America. 

As a single mom with autoimmune diseases, and a workaholic with a lot to prove, I struggled climbing the ladder and finding any work life balance or maintaining healthy habits. 

After a huge health scare, I committed to finding a better way.

I studied what makes some people more successful than others, and what makes some people happier than others. I the trialed these new concepts in my life.

Eventually I pieced together enough and everything started clicking. I was working less, and making more. I was achieving more, but feeling less stress. I stopped being the hot mess mom and stepped into being a calm, collected, happy executive. 

I mastered the art of working less, earning more, and carving out luxurious amounts of time for what matters most— kids, family, and friends.  And I built it into a framework to help others skip the chaos.

Now I teach clients to take back control of their life so they can improve their performance + happiness.

From hot mess manager mom to calm, happy executive mom

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