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Ready to go deep and actually achieve the leadership transformation everyone's been talking about? 
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 No Fluff, Evolve training gets to the real stuff that you can implement the next day.

            We don't get lost in academia, we solve for real situations and challenges we are facing.

                   Shayla isn't shy to call us out. She wants us to improve and knows honest feedback and real reflection gets us there
                   The training doesn't just speak to the workplace. We learn how to improve work life balance,  deal with stress, imposter syndrome, and how to own our life and set ourselves up for success. I've never had such a holistic process. Improving my whole self helps me improve even more at work. 
                    I always thought I was a people person but not until Shayla's coaching did I realize I actually did not prioritize building relationships intentionally. I love her teaching around Results + Relationships.

This isn't your oldschool training company

Why Evolve clients love our approach

Evolve LD is the most comprehensive program available; your leaders will get the most comprehensive results. They will:
  • rewire their brain to lose the overwhelm, guilt, and imposter syndrome
  • have a reality-based understanding of their performance and areas to improve
  • create a diverse network for growth
  • learn to focus on the critical few things that drive the most value 

Result: Retain leaders who show up as their best selves ready to deliver value 

One of the key benefits of a cross-functional leadership development program is the internal network participants create. We start our program by developing those bonds so leaders can create trust and connection that will serve them throughout their careers. 

what to expect

Course Outline

This module starts with learning how to recognize and interrupt their thoughts, intentionally create thoughts that serve them, and lose imposter syndrome. Learning to deal with mom guilt, fear, shame and expectations of others, leaders will leave empowered to create the career and life they want. 

Participants will complete a self-assessment, receive 360 feedback, and reflect to understand their current state. They will explore their options for the future and declare a goal that they will use as their north star throughout the program. This will include ways to blend work and life to end the burnout.

Leaders complete a gap analysis to determine what knowledge and skills they need to develop to bridge the gap. Learning the right knowledge from the right people and resources will help them turn decades in to days. 

In this module, participants will realize the importance of a diverse network as a sounding board, feedback circle, knowledge network, and exposure mechanism. They will then create a multi-faceted intentional plan. 

Overhwhelm is one of the key reasons leaders step back from their ambitions. It's also one of the reasons organizations don't accomplish their most important goals. In this module, leaders learn to focus on the critical few things that will make the biggest impact. .

"I can't imagine where I'd be without this program by Shayla! Seriously life-changing."

- Klaudia

student love

Evolve Your Career & Life is unique.
It improves your leaders' performance + Happiness. In turn, it will increase their fulfillment, and loyalty. 

Evolve-Career training is more comprehensive than traditional development programs. Not only will it increase leaders performance in their current role and prepare them for their next role, it also includes mindset work and teaches them tools to balance the demands of home life and relationships.

 These subjects that aren't typically included and will be the difference maker. Your leaders will learn to end the overwhelm, improve confidence, resilience, and be able to focus on what truly matters.  They will leave more fulfilled, balanced, and dedicated to your company. 

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My Career Journey: 
The beginning:
IHOP waitress, Army Private, MCI Call center sales leader
The Climb:
Leadership Development and HR leader for Spirit/Boeing and Koch Industries;
Global M&A Integration Director for Molex
The end: (of corporate)
Chief People & Culture Officer 
The now:
Owner of Evolve Training & Executive Life Coaching

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